There is no way to load two or more models into augmented reality

Who knows, tell me if a function will be added to load multiple models into augmented reality in order to create compositions in AR?

You can be certain of one thing. They won’t reveal their plans for future features.

One thing I’m sure about is that they need to listen to users. If I am missing this function, for various purposes, I’m sure many are missing, then they should answer

So consider your post a feature request.

How, as a SketchUp hobbyist, are you using Augmented Reality with your models?

You can load multiple models already in Trimble Connect. What headset do you have?

Yes, I recently discovered an ingenious way of quick sales for myself! AR gives me the opportunity to negotiate with a client on site. Then I go to the office to create a commercial proposal, and not sit for several days and do visualization. It saves me a lot of time!

Using SketchUp 2017 Make as indicated in your profile?

Trimble Connect is a great tool, I am currently using SkethUp Viewer AR. Sometimes with a tablet sometimes with an Apple phone

On the MacBook, I have a pro version, I have not installed the pro version on the desktop yet

If you’re using SketchUp Pro 2021, please correct your profile.

Ok, thanks for correcting)!

Download the Trimble Connect app, it can load multiple models.
You need to setup a project and drag and drop files overthere.

It doesn’t have AR, though.
That’s a different ballgame: