3d designs, flat plans, and real models

I’m new here, and only know a little of Sketch-ups potential.

I’m working with a sculptor and a blacksmith, and we’re looking for software that will allow us to develop 3-d virtual models…which can then be ‘unfolded,’ in to flat planes. In order to be able to lazer-cut metal patterns…which can then be folded to create the 3d sculpture.

Does sketch-up have this potential ?

thanks for your time. all the best

Hello, you can find plugins that are capable of unfolding 3d models into flat planes.
Because they are plugins, you won’t be able to use them in the web version.

see this post : Sketchup Unfold Tool

Many thanks Paul.
You pointed me in the right direction. I found what I was looking for at >> designerhacks.com/sketchup-unfold/

all the best