Sketchup Unfold Tool

Hi, does anyone know there is an extension that has the same functionality as Unfold tool?

I am looking for simple extension to manually unfold 3d models.I found “Unwrap and Flatten Faces” extension, but did not discovered how to use is manually.

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There’s Flattery.

There are instructions for Alex’s Unwrap and Flatten Faces on the EW page. And a link to his site for more information at the bottom of the instructions.

Jim’s Unfold plugin, which is being demonstrated in the video you linked to, was retired some time ago. That was never a SketchUp tool.


How about the updated version of the original Unfold plugin?
See this post …


@DaveR thank you for quick response, I visited Alexander’s web page and watched some videos how to use this extension, but did not find how to use is without automation (manually).

@Geo that was my hope to find re-released version. Do you know why this re-released version is not in extension warehouse?

I’d forgotten that Jim’s plugin had been re-released.

Not all extensions/plugins are are in the Extension Warehouse. It’s up to the author and they have different reasons.