Unfold tool for Sketchup for Schools

Is there an unfold tool for sketchup for schools?
Am unable to access the unfold tool in 3D Extension warehouse in new Sketchup for Schools

SketchUp for Schools is a web based version. Web based versions do not support extensions so you would have to do it manually by using the rotate tool…

Thanks for the quick reply!

manually, or externally.

if you need to unfold stuff to make paper volumes out of it, you can check pepakura and unfolder (one is pc, other is mac)

they’ll take an stl (3d print format) and give you tools ton unfold it all, resulting in a pdf / png / dxf

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Hoping for a web based version.
I guess I have to use pre prepared resources.
Not much time to explore the tools.

Well, after a 10min search for pepakura web based alternatives, I found that

if you register a free account, you can import obj and stl and export low res pdf.

(I’m trying it right now)

edit : I tried, the free version, it’s nice. I don’t make models with printed texture, so the low resolution export is not an issue. You can export pdf, png but dxf too, straight to the paper plotter (who am I kidding, straight to illustrator. always.)

honestly, I have the previous pepakura on my work PC, I was considering either upgrading to v5 (and port it to my mac using Wine) or buy the mac app, but I’ll try this web one first. I do a lot of unfolding by hand, an this might be the nice extra tool I need from time to time.

Thanks @ateliernab

your welcome. you actually made me look, and I found a suitable solution I wouldn’t have looked for. So thanks ! :slight_smile: