Making surfaces from curves - modelling for papercraft

Hi everyone.

I’m building papercraft sculpture , using the Pepakura to unfold 3D model.

Until now, I used already made Pepakura models, but for the next one, I would like to transform a lovely cat, all in curves, into the same lovely cat, but with buildable surfaces…
Does anyone have a trick or a plug in to do this kind of thing ? Cause doing it edge by edge just take a lifetime and doesn’t look that well, with only triangles…

Thank you for your upcoming help ! :smiley:


Have you looked at the SubD or Vertex Tools plugins?

I think Pepakura can import .obj files. Try one of the free obj exporters from SketchUcation.

Here’s the list of files it can import, which does include STL, KMZ, and KML:

Metasequoia (.mqo) * Highest compatibility
Wavefront (
3D Studio (.3ds)
Lightwave (
AutoCAD (.dxf)
STL (Binary format) (
Google Earth 4 (*.kmz, .kml)
Hexa Great (
.6kt, *.6ks)