Best plugin to make printable origami with on SketchUpMake?


sorry if this is in the wrong place. im looking for the best plugin to use with SketchUp Make that can unfold a 3d shapes onto a flat plane. So one could make paper reconstructions or wood cutouts. but mainly to make the shape easily printable on paper. there used to be a plugin for the old sketchup that worked very well and even had the option for tabs. thanks, any help would be appreciated


Flattery by Pumpkin Pirate is probably the one you mean.


thank you. does it work with the latest free version of sketchup? or only on the paid version?


Yes it works with the free version SU2015 Make.


A simple “yes” wasn’t enough? :wink:


flattery doesnt appear in the sketchup’s native extensions window, the link here talks about sketchup being a google product. is there a similar plug in other than flattery that will work with the newest free version? seems like flattery hasnt been updated in a while


I’m not in the habit of saying something works without testing to be sure.
If you have installed it properly you will find it uses a toolbar not a menu.
If you need help installing it let me know, otherwise just activate the toolbar by right click on a blank area of the toolbar palette and tick the Flattery toolbar.


your tool bar looks different than mine. im on the free version. im pretty sure i installed flattery correct, maybe not


I deliberately used a computer with the free version installed, everyone’s toolbars look different depending on how you have them laid out and what OS you are using.
a bit of info from you would help to resolve your problem.

What Operating system are you, Win or Mac?
How did you install it?


The download from from Pumpkin Pirates site is a .zip file, download and change the file extension to.rbz. You can then use the Preferences install extension button to install it.
I’m not familiar with the specifics of how it works on a mac but there is a video linked to this thread that does show you how on a mac. It’s about half way through the video.


I have tried extensively to find a way to install the Flattery Plug-In, but no go. The installation instructions from Flattery do not work because there is no subfolder named Plugins in the Sketchup folder (there is one titled “ifcplugin” but putting Flattery there doesn’t work). And the Install Extension option inside Sketchup Preferences doesn’t work because there is no Flattery file with the extension of .rbz. So, are they incompatible?


Read the first part of my post directly above yours.


Thanks for your response. I tried doing what you said before my previous post and then I tried again after your answer. However, I keep getting the error message enclosed. It’s so generic, I have no idea what to do.


Well, assuming you are using Win7 and SU2015.
The instructions on the website are for the earlier versions of SU and the plugin folder has moved.
Assuming you have plugins already installed the plugin folder can now be found at

C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\SketchUp\Plugins

Unzip the flattery download to there, it should be an .rb and a folder.

If you are using mac it will be different.


Didn’t work. Still getting the same error message. Failed to mention earlier that I’m running Windows 8.1 64 bit with Sketchup Make 2015.


run SketchUp by “right click > Run as Admin…” and install the (renamed) .RBZ file via “Window > Preferences > Extensions…”.


That didn’t work either. Same error message. I think its time I gave up, but thank you for attempting to get Flattery working on my system.


Have you deinstalled/deleted all older attempts?


You might want to try the version over at SketchUcation.



I’ve now tried your suggestion and also Cotty’s, but nothing is working. I then tried it on a different computer and got the exact same error message. I really need to give up on this because it’s driving me crazy. But my thanks for your ideas.