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Hi! I’m new here but have been using sketch up for years. Yesterday I wanted to make a simple extruded shape that is very easy to create in adobe illustrator but somewhat challenging in Sketch up and so began my quest to solve this problem.
As an aside I build shapes in sketch up with the purpose of exporting obj files and bringing them into a program called pepakura designer which unwraps 3d shapes and creates modifiable templates for my plotter machine to cut out of paper.
I have done this process successfully with all native sketch up files but now that i am trying to extrude a dwg shape exported from adobe illustrator, i am out of luck.
In sketch up I have followed many tutorials in cleaning up faces and managed to extrude from my design BUT when i export the OBJ and open into pepakura my file is no longer a 3d shape and it appears that the extending endpoints are connecting with a diagonal. I have used the extension warehouse tools solid inspector with success and used the clean up extension. i took some screen shots for visual aid in accessing my problem.

any help out there? am i the only one doing this crazy workflow? do i need to bite the bullet and learn maya?

wig2.0.skp (138.3 KB)

The file looks good (and Solid) in SketchUp. I exported an .obj file and opened it up in MeshLab, and it looks fine, too:

Could the issue be in Pepakura?

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@TheOnlyAaron Thank you for opening my file.
Pepakura could be behaving strangely for this specific shape but the mystery lies in the fact that I have created many other shapes and unwrapped them, but the only difference is the method of creating the shape in sketch up from an imported vector.
What I imagined to be related to the problem is my inability to wrap a mesh or use any solid tools, certain functions don’t seem to apply to it.

Thanks for your input!