Export to OBJ Issue (Some objects missing)

Hi all

I am exporting a model of roof top aircond compressor and piping from SKP to OBJ. There are lots of curvy lines for piping and compressor fans etc, which are all not appearing in exported OBJ file.

I have attached screenshot of both original sketchup and exported obj. I can email you the SKP file if anyone is kind enough to help me check. Can anyone please advice as soon as possible? Thank you very much!

You will probably be better served sharing the actual files, rather than a screenshot. It’s hard to diagnose file data transfer from just a picture. :wink:


… and are you using SketchUp Pro’s native OBJ exporter, or a third-party export extension ?

(Your profile says “Make”, so please also identify what SketchUp version your have.)

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If your curved objects consist of very small segments, they might not survive importing the thing back into SketchUp (inferring from your screenshot). Also, if you imported using a smaller import unit than when exporting, it might lead to the same result. Again, impossible to say without access to the original files. Did you check the OBJ in some other 3D software? Yet another possibility is that the missing faces are reversed and the software you are using to view the model won’t display them.



Thanks all for the response.

Dan: I am using Sketchup Pro 2015, tried exporting using both native exporter and SimLab OBJexporter trial version.

Anssi:I have just recreated all those curvy items today. The pipes are now created using “3skeng 2016 pipe” extension trial version, with 8 edges to form a faux cylinder shape, which I think is sufficiently circular yet should be simple to be exported into obj. The previously missing exhaust fan and vent pipe are also recreated using the same extension in 8 edges now.

Yet, I can’t even export successfully today using both native exporter and SimLab obj exporter. Something must be wrong?

Below is my sketchup file link:

Can anyone kindly help me check? Thanks!

There may be an issue with your installation. I opened your file (in 2016) and exported an OBJ. Here they are, side by side (SU and MeshLab):

In 2015:

It is also possible that the error is in the IMPORT of the OBJ back into SketchUp. Do you have another way to view the OBJ after export?

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Aaron, thanks for your time. Do you mean there might be issue with installation of my SimLab Exporter? May I know which exporter do you use to export please? Your export looks good with all the items being there but do you know the reason of missing materials? Can you please share your exported obj and mtl to me here or to my email at feridson@hotmail.com?

My problem now is my sketchup keeps crashing no matter I use native exporter or Simlab exporter to export from skp to obj. I will try installing Meshlab now.

Sorry I am still new to obj format. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.

I just used File > Export to export a .obj file. nothing special. I do not have SimLab Exporter or Importer, so I cannot check that. If you DO see the problem there, probably best to reach out to them and see fi they can help you out.

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Does it produce a BugSplat! ? Have you been sending in the reports, and what is the identifiable information that they could use to look up in the splat database ?

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try purging all the vRay attributes and you may have more success…


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I have sucessfuly exported OBJ and MTL of my sketchup model. But there is still some issue. I tried opening the obj in sketchup, where some items are missing. When I open in MeshLab, all items are present, but materials are missing. Screenshots as attached below, and the OBj and MTL at dropbox link of:


Can anyone please tell me how to make the materials shown in MeshLab or any other better programs to open obj successfully? Thanks.

Blender opens obj just fine. Maybe http://3dviewer.net/ will do the trick as well

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Blender works well! Thanks all.