2D pattern from 3D shape

I am making a pattern for a tree skirt. How do I take the 3D section and project the correct 2D pattern, so it can be cut from cloth and sewn into a tree skirt?Xmas Tree Skirt.skp (107.5 KB)

Thanks for posting your model, that’s always a great first step. I’m looking now but I don’t quite understand the question. Could you try again to describe what you want to accomplish here?

You can unfold the shape to lay it flat.

Ok I have a guess, I think you want to flatten the cone section so you can derive a 2d pattern. There are plugins for this, here is a native solution. I took as single facet of your cone and laid it flat. Then I drew two lines on the long edges to find the new center and rotate copied the 16 faces around that center. Is this the idea?

Wedge (1).skp (42.6 KB)

Thanks to all!! I will try the plug-in and resort to geometry if I can’t make it work.

Thanks for your help!

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