3D Design Challenge: #bestbusever!


youtube! Lumion is super easy and very very compatible with SketchUp!!


That look like this


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You could use instead, Twinmotion, which is now free, after Epic bought it: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/twinmotion
Imports direct SketchUp files.


I will see that.
I had recently install blender to use it like a rendering software, unfortunately my pc did not support it.
soon i will buy a new pc

I could try it all later, thanks :smile:



Is Twinmotion Windows only? I’m not finding the answer easily.


According to their website it’s for both platforms.


Awesome,your really good at sketchup :o


Google helped my find the answer better than just poking around:


Wow, that’s so nice. Thanks

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@Bxsaldana, you’ve got my vote!

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/!\ Translation with google translate.

In short a highly modified prisoner transport bus, which has as main ability to travel in the multiverse.

The vehicle is a standard American bus, in the colors of the national gendarmerie. Part of the roof and hood have been removed. Steel plates, wings and four jet engines were attached to both sides of the vehicle. An external roll cage with four lights has been added to the roof. The interior of the vehicle contains the driving position, a laboratory and an inter-dimensional travel machine.

Even though the bus has wings, it can not fly because of its weight and shape, the jet engines were made from metal trash.
Due to the heavy modifications of the vehicle, its fuel autonomy to greatly decrease

Rendering by bxsaldana, big thanks for him.

link to the 3d model:

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