Modeling LEGO with Tyson!

Time for Tyson to hop into the toy box and show how he would go about modeling LEGO bricks! If you have spent any time working with imported models or wondered how to get a 3D model from another program into SketchUp, you need to check out this live stream!



Hey all, we don’t usually have homework for our live streams, but this is the best kind of homework.

This is one of the examples I’ll be sharing as an imported lego model, the Lego Batman Batmobile, but in this case I’ve re-painted it in some Buzz Lightyear colors. If anyone wants to take this model and re-color it in any other scheme, post the final image here and we can share it on Friday.

Happy painting, get your happy trees on!

(Note, the imported models don’t come in as components, so I’ve broken this model into 2 mirrored component halves and a center grouping of blocks, to make it simple to color.).


Too big for my aged PC to handle, Opens the file, just but then takes an age to select anything