LEGO Practice Model

My new practice model is coming along! Hoping to model all of the LEGO Creator Building sets! Starting with a brand new library of brick components!


Thats cool… what’s your process with this? Do you have the original set of LEGO instructions, and work from that with a library of brick components?

And very inspirational. I can’t wait to see more sets.
Thanks for all your training vids online!

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Makes me wanna break out the Lego!

You practice with Lego so you can… do what? Join a Lego contest? I think you’re just doing it for fun.

Most, if not all, LEGO instructions are available for download or viewing on the LEGO site. From there, it’s just a a matter of modeling each brick size and saving them as components! The more building I build, the larger my brick component library gets!

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Doing it for fun AND to get better at using SketchUp!

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Ok… I might have a go at that :grimacing::+1:

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Whoa @TheOnlyAaron that’s sooo cool
I love lego myself (don’t all people my age lol) so it’s cool to see someone doing it in SketchUp. You should definitely stream that at some point