Help modeling specific LEGO piece

I am somewhat new to SketchUp and recently got hooked on modeling LEGO for some reason lol. It took me a while to fully model a standard 2x4 brick at first because I was trying to do the bottom side exactly to spec because it was teaching me a lot.

Yesterday I finally downloaded a PDF for an actual set from LEGO and I’ve been going through it step by step. Thanks to Aaron’s past videos and especially the most recent LEGO themed one I surprised myself and was able to get a bunch of pieces modeled that I wouldn’t have been able to a few weeks ago.

I’m getting stuck on one little piece now and looking for some help.


Looks simple enough but I am trying to follow the LEGO grid/standard as much as possible. Instead of using the EXACT specs I’ve been using the same guidelines Aaron used in his recent video

1x1 brick = 8mm x 8mm
Studs = 4.8mm diameter, 1.6mm high, etc

If anyone has any tips or could make a quick vid of how to model the hook part of this following the standard dimensions that would be awesome! Thank you!

It may also be helpful when creating new parts to use a proportional (relative?) system like LDraw uses.