Rebuilding sketchup Muscle cars

Dear reader I am Jacob woods and I started a fun Muscle Car Garage on sketchup for schools and it is available now on the Sketchup 3D Warehouse and if you would like to know why im telling you this then my reason is i’m trying to rebuild Muscle Cars. So if u are there is anyone who likes Rebuilding or Restoring rusty old Muscle cars for fun then i need some people to do this: Step#1: get on sketchup or sketchup for schools whatever one u are using (USE JUST SKETCHUP BECAUSE U CAN INSERT THE CAR IF U ARE ON THE NORMAL SKETCHUP BECAUSE U CAN OPEN THE WAREHOUSE FROM IN SIDE SKETCHUP) and Create a new empty template. step#2: Get on the sketchup 3D Warehouse and look up JUNKED CARS and find one u like and download it in to your new template. Step#3: get back on the 3D SketchUp warehouse and look up December 15th 2020 muscle car restore number one (it is by me creative freak it might show up as unknown user but my username for the SketchUp is creative freak!)Step#4: once you have it downloaded an into the model you can start pushing up the garage door on my garage it says Jacob’s garage is the sign but yeah you can start pull the door up put your car in and you’ll see a bunch of supplies to get your car started so yeah you can choose your pain everything you should be able to do that just the way that I’ve been made but yeah cuz I hope you enjoy it I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I made it I thought about trying to find a way to email people actually they had a car I can fix up rebuild but I decided just sharing this with you guys hope you enjoy it and Airsoft turned into me for more awesome content. ENJOY!:+1::call_me_hand::fire::adult::laughing::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::money_mouth_face::heart::heart::heart::heart:like if u like it