3D connexion space mouse wireless gets caught on axis

My spacemouse wireless sometimes gets confused as im rotating round my model it will just slow up or go in the opposite direction, ithought this was due to my axis point but ive moved it and the problem still persists. anyone have any tips or settings advice that may help? Many thanks

Can’t solve your issue but I do get weird behaviour occasionally where the screen image continues slowly panning across after I have taken my hand off the SM. Resetting it cures it so I haven’t let it bother me much. Might be related though.

I have the same experience (with Spacemouse Enterprise), either with it going in the opposite direction to the one required, or (@simoncbevans) it continues slowly panning. I contacted 3DConnexion in Germany on a few occasions about it; whilst they could not reproduce the characteristics I’d described, the only advice they could give was referring to the SpaceMouse Advanced Settings menu and to possibly change the Navigation mode by choosing the rotation point (Camera mode), with horizon locked. They also advise in bigger projects to select the rotation center manually.
Apart from that, they advised making a full clean-up and re-install of the 3DConnexion drivers:

For info, I’m running SU2022 and 3DxWare64_v10-8-5