3D Connexion Mouse


I realize this thread has gone off topic from the 3DC Mouse to a Logitech mouse. Perhaps it should have its own new thread but I don’t know how to do that. If anyone else does and can action it, please do.


Seems like I remember something like this a while back… I think that a reinstall took care of the problem. Right now, it’s pretty simple and operates as one would expect.

I can split this topic off once I get to my computer.


lowercase m would display ‘M’ ,trying to type in the combination with Shift would display ; ‘SHIFT + M’
No lowercase letters in that dialog, so it is something about you(r keyboard):grinning:


@TheOnlyAaron what does your System Preferences>Security & Privacy show? Logitech suggest there should be something called Automation in there but as you can see from this screenshot of my set up, it isn’t. If that is a kind of software interface that allows the key assignment to work, it could be the issue. I am encouraged to think it must be fixable if it works for you.


Do you mean Accessibility? Logitech is listed there…


I am too a long time user of Sketchup and the 3D Connexion SpacePilot Pro. In fact, we use these devices in 5 different machines in our office. I would not want to miss it for one day. As SU 18 arose the devices would not work anymore!. Even after updating all possible drivers it would simply not work on any of the machines. Frustrating stuff!. I called the general importer in Germany and those guys recommended to remove the file called: 3DxServiceState.xml

C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Roaming\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\3DxServiceState.xml
just detete it!
Next step: quit the driver to be found in the start menu and restart it.

It is automatically reimbursed by the next start of SU! Thats it!

Well, it solved the problem instantly! (on WIN7/64)

I don’t know where to look for the specific file in mac machines but I am sure it exists there as well.
There is another trick that resets the device if it gets hung up for any reason. On the space mouse, press and hold left and right buttons for several seconds simultaneously. We encountered this problem with the space mouse while switching between AutoCAD and Sketchup, but not anymore since we use SpacePilots.

I dont know if it helps, You just give it a try whenever the thing walks out on you.

Besides: We get the most benefit out of the SpacePilotPro by programming ALL availible buttons to certain actions always in use. That is very easy to achieve and also exchangable by exporting/importing the assignment files. I can hardly fathom how anyone can do work in SU faster than by using a progammable mouse (like the very reliable Logitech G502) on the right and a SpacePilotPro on the left hand side.

Greets to all


My 3D Connexion wireless Space Mouse Pro hangs from time to time. My solution is to pull out the USB wireless receiver and then put it back in. Once I have done that step everything seems to work as expected.


Even though this has turned into a bit of a Logitech discussion, I just noticed that 3Dconnexion has released an update to their 3DMouse driver (10.6.0) on 10/31! Find it here: https://www.3dconnexion.com/service/drivers.html

And let us know if you see any improvements or issues. Thanks!