3D Connexion driver Support for 2021 is Live

The Windows version of 3DXware for Sketchup 2021 is live on the 3D Connexion Download page


Thanks for the info. Installed. Works, apparently.

I’ve been thinking of getting one for ages. Maybe it’s time if it works OK with 2021 already.

Time to get off the fence and join the party.

Be warned, once you go down that road you’ll never go back…

I wouldn’t dream of working without it.

I’ve had one on my desk for years…spacemouse pro…and each time I read a post like this I resolve to use it! And each time I try I find the rotate and zoom ability of my mx master mouse is so much sharper - that is quicker and more accurate. This makes things seem very slow with the spacemouse

Any advice would be appreciated

Is it a case of perseverance to improve my dexterity

My grip never changes for 7 shortcuts on the mx master mouse (thumb moves for 2) so the shortcuts abilities have limited appeal…

Have you ever tried to adjust your spacemouse to your preference? There is a lot you can adjust and you can even adjust settings per program.
Above that, indeed it takes a while to get used to.