32bit is obsolete and dead to me

Thanks Geo, already realized that OpenGL can be a problem but I prefer the Walmart price and software that runs at that price without any consequences. I do not want to go back. 32bit is obsolete and dead to me and Win 10 will be the next OS this month, not next year. I pray that Autodesk & SketchUp are up to the challenge and that their software will be stable. I also hope that their IT teams establish cloud systems that offer archived versions of their software. It is an investment but demonstrates true resolve to prospective customers. My very best wishes for all and a prayer to the Architect of this World.

sketch3d_de, thanks though I was not implying that 32bit would be dead for every one, I know that the consumer world that we live in has moved decidedly toward 64bit OS systems. I know because I was horrified that the upgrade from Win XP to Win 8.1 terminated the use of many of my 32bit apps on the new system. Even AutoCAD 14 could not run, little alone Call of Duty or FIFA World Cup 2006. The list is extensive and painful. There are of course those that have several drives on their systems that actually run different OS’s (even divided drives) that they boot up in on that specific OS just so they don’t loose the use of their favorite apps which is why I hoped that those in the know would facilitate the 32bit apps in the cloud and grant the use of all (archived?) versions of their software. Try purchasing a 32bit version of WIN 8 or WIN 8.1. You’d be lucky to get one in the USA though it would more than likely be a beta version & not for wholesale to any of the known OEM’s as far as I know.

Even the SketchUp team & Autodesk have to be sure that Microsoft or Google etc. are not creating an OS that will render their own software unstable. It is not just OpenGL/onboard gpu’s it is all of the peripherals from usbs, keyboards, mice, touchpads,cameras, memory etc.
Autodesk does not declare that their latest AutoCAD 2016 is supported by WIN 10 because they do not know! We the consumers have our fingers crossed and can only wait and see.

this is pretty incorrect, 64-bit applications are required only if more than 2 GB working memory should be used, which the vast majority of applications never will do. Actually 32-bit applications (and operating systems) do have a smaller foot step concerning memory resources/management and therefore are definitely to prefer for all applications not being a ‘memory hog’.

Win 10 x64 will of course run 32-bit applications without problems and Win 10 will be available as a 32-bit version too.

all standard 32-bit applications do run w/o problems under Win 7/8 x64, applications which are using software copy protection mechansims as e.g. writing a token to invisible areas of the HDD (AC: C-Dilla) or applications which are using undocumented/unsupported methods for accessing the OpenGL stack may obviously fail. 16-bit apllications are of course not support with 64-Bit Windows 7/8 versions any more.

Because Windows 10 is an evolution of Windows 8.x only, it’s very unlikely that standard applications running under Windows 8 will be rendered unusable by Windows 10.

For running mutiple operating systems on one system several drives (or partitioning a drive) is not required, a virtualization software as e.g. Parallels Desktop or VMware or the free VirtualBox (or XP mode of Win 7 Pro+) allows to run an additional operating system virtualized under the parent operating system.

sketch3d_de, is that with a separate bootup than the original 64bit OS? I am only guessing that the Virtual machine on the hard drive is accessible through a separate bootup of the computer & AlexB maybe right as to the scope of the subject getting beyond SketchUp Pro 2015. I’ll google VirtualBox latter so the only question is, does it require a system re-boot?

Check the MS update site if you are looking to run 32-bit programs on 64-bit OS. I think you need to install something.

nope, standard 32-bit apps work direct and flawless under Win 7/8 x64, apps requiring XP may need to install the Win XP mode avail for Win 7 Pro+ (not Home) only.

OK, that’s the one I was thinking about. I recently assembled a new computer and need to get around to plugging it in and installing Win 7 Pro, 64-bit. I will need that Win XP mode. I’ll wait and see how Win 10 shapes up.

sysWOW64 in win 8.1 holds the 32bit files. Go figure. It only took me 6 months to find that out. Thanks sketch3d_de. Force reinstall of FIFA 2006 Disk to sysWOW64 after WIN 10 update. Fantastic. Anybody actually get WIN 10 yet? 64 bit that is.

Win 10 x64 will of course run 32-bit applications without problems and Win 10 will be available as a 32-bit version too.

Not so much in the rest of the world bud. Particularly with OEM boards etc. 32bit machines are just not available.

Well, it’s 6/19/2017 and 32-bit machines are still available, including OEM boards. However, they’re mostly being marketed as workhorse Client machines (not home desktops) whereas the Host is 64-bit and most of the local network is connected to 32-bit Clients with remote controlled security. Some independent financial businesses still use such of a setup, because tightwads won’t upgrade their external devices and virtual software.

I’ve been using the same 64-bit machine for nearly 10 years, but I’ve never ran a 64-bit OS on it. Even right now I’m using Windows 10 Pro 32-bit and Legacy BIOS with just a 64-bit dual-core AMD Athlon 2.3 Ghz server CPU, and it still runs satisfactory and quick. In fact, I have a buddy which is always trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’ and have the best computer, but couldn’t understand why my hunk of junk would boot Windows 10 faster than his 10-core Intel rig. I chuckled and gave a rhetorical twist with, “That’s the special power of AMD, sucka’”, but then I explained to him my board is limited to optimum performance of only a 32-bit OS because I can’t install more than 4 GB of RAM, so there’s really no point in using a 64-bit OS on it.

But, I’m sure once my current rig blows up, if it ever does, I’ll be using a 100% 64-bit machine and OS… but I’ll still be sticking with “that special power of AMD, sucka’”, LOL.