64 bit, can we have an official answer?

hi all,
do you now some other named “PRO” software that are not wrote at 64 bit?
there is some hidden deal with 3D/CAD big software houses that want to leave sketchup at a semiprofessional level?
personally i don’t know at the 2014 many free software that running at 32 bit, i know never but sketchup as PRO software.

p.s. i know the question is not new but why we can’t receive an official reply?

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Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but the SketchUp team never gives out advance information about planned releases. So you’ll never get an “official reply” to that or any other question you may have about forthcoming changes to SU.


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I think MS is planning to discontinue the 32 bit / 64 bit dual app support for Windows 10 so SU may not have any choice unless MS delays. I would think there will be a lots of push back for that from the public because of cost.?

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And, once again, what do you expect to get if SketchUp turns 64-bit? AFAIK the difference between a 64-bit and 32-bit application is that the 64-bit one has a bit slower memory handling due to the larger address space, and the ability to use more memory, for the same reason, but that there is no speed benefit.

Those professional 3D CAD software houses that can afford it (like Autodesk) maintain both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of their products, but smaller vendors have been faster in abandoning 32-bit, so it is not a test of the “professionality” alone.



Here’s our official answer regarding 64-bit: http://www.sketchup.com/products/sketchup-pro/new-in-2015



SketchUp 2015 HAS gone 64bit !



woaw! great new! at the perfect time! :smile:) thanks a lot, great work sketchup team!

You have no idea what a relief it was to finally be able to answer that question!

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And thanks @Marc for putting in the hours to make it happen. The 64-Bit hero of SketchUp Pro 2015.