30-Day Trial Ends After 1 Day?


Well… Surely there is an answer to this. Dont give up just yet. :smiley: Perhaps one of the more experienced users have a solution. And yes, the program is very good, easy to use, and has a large community base.


Have you by chance changed the date between yesterday and today ? The license manager that SketchUp uses is finicky about date changes, especially if the date was set backward. (It is usually an indication of attempt to circumvent date stamps.)

I know first-hand that manually setting the date backward while SketchUp is running invalidates the Pro license. (I was testing SketchUp’s shadow settings and didn’t even stop to think the license manager would not like it. Won’t do that again.)


DanRathbun, that’s a good idea but, alas, I haven’t changed the date.

Thanks for the reply!


I was actually looking for a way to end the free trial early, I hate getting used to all the extensive functionalities and then being left with a fraction of what I had before and having to get used to that. I am now going to try changing the date.


It is possible to turn off the trial by finding the license file and editing to say no trial, there is a thread somewhere about this. But I’m curious, your profile says you are using 2015 , that should have run out long ago.



I have just downloaded the trial version of SketchUp Pro 2018 but when I try to open it it shows a remaining trial period of only 12 days and an on-screen notice in Chinese says something about trial period has expired - click OK - and SketchUp disappears. Is this a virus that might have piggy-backed in on something else I downloaded? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Where did you download it from?


I downloaded it from SketchUp.com, and the verified publisher was Trimble Navigation.


What localized version did you download?


Sorry but how would I find that information? (Thanks for your quick reply)


What’s the exact name of the file you downloaded?


It was: SketchUpPro-en.exe


If you downloaded the English (en) version, you shouldn’t be getting messages in Chinese.


Yes, I thought so too. It’s completely weird. Here is a shot of the message. The screen is locked up at this point until the OK button is clicked and then the whole window instantly closes. SketchUp%20Pro%202018


I suppose you could have gotten some sort of rogue file but it wouldn’t have come from sketchUp.com.

When you installed SketchUp, did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator from the context menu?

Where are you?


Yes I was careful to do that.


I am in Kyoto, Japan.


You might try to re-download from here:



Half way there. - Thank you for that suggestion Dan, I uninstalled the earlier .exe SketchUp file and dowloaded it again from the link you provided. It is working fine (!!!) but shows only 12 day left…