3 skeng error [SketchUp cannot connect to 3skeng server]

I have sketch up pro 2015 on 64 bit windows 7 OS. The problem is when I installed plugin 3skeng it shows an error that sketch up Can not connect to 3skeng server.
If anyone knows why this problem occured. Please give me solution.

I have check all firewall settings but can’t get solution.
Check Attched images

I had check& allowed cookies for this web address [http://web02c.3skeng.net] & it shows [[Your Firewall, Proxyserver, Virusscanner and Browser are enabling communication between 3skeng client and server:]]

So, what is the problem?

That test page also says, “You can find further informations at the 3skeng Support Page

I have check all the possibilities from my side on this test page but somehow I am not able to work it out.

Finally The Solution is here.
Open>Internet Explorer> click Tools>click Internet Options>click Advanced and check to be sure the SSL and TLS protocols are enabled under the security section.

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