3skeng - 3D Engineering Extensions for SketchUp

“3skeng” is our 3D Engineering extension family for Trimble SketchUp developed by our software specialists to support our engineers during their projects.
“3skeng” enables fast initial MEP designs and is able to apply fast changes during the design process of:

  • Piping (Pipe tool with a bunch of available detail libraries),
  • Ventilation (Channel tool),
  • Secondary steelwork incl. pipe & duct supports (Mount tool),
  • Steelwork (Steelwork tool).
    We develop and extend 3skeng extensions continuously since the first “3skeng” release back in 2009.

We just released “3skeng 2017” tool versions that support SketchUp PRO/Make 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014 for PC (32/64 bit) & MAC! (3skeng 2017 and SketchUp 2017 for MAC currently has beta status!)

All tools can be thoroughly tested within a free 30 days trial period of the full version!
3skeng is available at our homepage http://www.3skeng.com.

Together with the new versions, we introduce the Mount tool with libraries that include real life channel profiles, proper fittings, supports and more. The Mount tool enables you to design secondary/support steelwork the same easy and intuitive way you are used to from 3skeng tools Pipe, Steelwork and Channel.
Being able to consider pipe and duct supports closed a major design gap in our last engineering projects and finally allowed our designs to actually become reality!

The following video introduces you to the Mount tool and shows how it works together with the Pipe and Steelwork tool.

We invite you to visit our revised homepage http://www.3skeng.com with more information about 3skeng Tools and the team behind 3skeng.

We recently added learning material in SketchUp file formats that guide you through the basic handling of the ´3skeng tools (In the “learn” section of the 3skeng homepage)!