Unable to connect.Please check your internet connection. Sketchup pro 2021(windows7)

Please help.

i have this error. How can it fix it.
Last week it was still working. Until today.
i try many way on this community. it’s not work for me.

“Unable to connect.Please check tour internet connection.”
-Sketchup pro 2021

sorry for my english.

Well, I’m not sure if sketchup 2021 has support for windows 7, it’s an old OS. What browser is your default one? So you have firewall, VPN or an add block that could be blocking the access to the sketchup website? Can you go to the sketchup website from your browser?

My browser default is Chome. And i try to switch to Microsoft Edge or IE is not work.
i don’t have firewall,vpn or Ad block.
I can go to sketchup website.