Proxy server problem


Anyone out there please advise if Sketchup Pro is a proxy aware application or support for proxy authentication ? I’ve pacfile specify in IE but when I click extension warehouse,it does not prompt for proxy login



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We have allowed those ports in proxy server but it still does not prompt for login authentication



this is currently not supported, you can try to add “*” to the exception list of the MS IE proxy server connection settings.



Still not workable,any other options that we can adopt as we plan to
purchase this software for our corporate used



alternatively you may want add “*” to the whitelist of the proxy server resp. firewall in connection with a policy which allows an internet access without authentication. Ask your admin for doing this.


Would appreciate if you could help to answer the following question raised
by our security admin

In your website, a workstation should have uninterrupted access to *. via the ports 80, 8080, 443, 5053 and 50530.

  • Are these TCP ports?

  • Are these ports running HTTP / HTTPS protocol?

If not, what protocols are these and what is the purpose?

  • If we can only allow HTTP / HTTPS protocol from workstations to *., how would it impact the software usability?

If yes, is there any workaround for the software functionality to work?

  • Ideally, we want to enable the access via HTTP proxy. Can this work?