2d Plan view section cut

Hi, I want to pull a 2d plan slice from my drawing. In the older version you could but can’t seem to figure out how to do it in 2017 version. Similar to the section tool, you could choose a plane in the drawing and extract a 2d layout of the drawing. I know how to use the section tool but it leaves it as a 3d image with depth and objects in the background. If I were doing a house and did a vertical section cut of the walls, that is all I want is the walls. Not the floor or furniture.

Try selecting the Section Plane, right click it and select Create Group From Slice.

What did you do, and in what old version did you do it?

…and, are you looking to export the section to another program, or are you just looking to get an isolated section view within SketchUp/Layout?

When I do this kind of thing, I use a horizontal section and select parallel projection. I create a scene for it and turn off layers that show things you don’t want, like furniture (obviously, they have to be on a different layer from the walls.

Thank you. Those ideas worked. I just needed to put measurements and labels for drawings to submit for building permit.