Section plane variations

I’m wondering is it possible to create a partial horizontal section plane. I want to create a planimetric view of my model but only on a portion. I want to slice a model of a building to reveal the layout but retain the full height of the rear walls for effect


you’ll need to group the geometry to be cut and the geometry not to be cut in different groups; enter the group you want to cut, place your section cut and exit grouping

I’m trying to create this type of view…

But keep the back walls higher & other on site objects full height to give the view more relevant context

The back walls need to be in either a higher context or on the same level but in a different group that has no active section plane.cutting its geometry.
Each context (group or component or nested group or nested component or the top level) can have multiple section planes of which only one can be active. It cuts the context that it is placed in.
Just as @Julian_Smith pointed out above.

Wouah, you make that with sketchup, if it’s yes congratulations, because the render is beautiful

There is trick for that… make a group for the exterior walls, another group for the walls that you want the section at different level then open that group and make a section inside the group…doing this you can have multiple active section planes.


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