Multiple Active Section Cuts


I am having some trouble cropping out a room from a large building.
It seems like a pretty straightforward task, but there’s no option to activate multiple active section planes at once. I think this would be an important and useful feature for everyone to have, and I even found a video on YouTube

that shows how to do it in several steps. The video has 24,000 views and 823 people found it helpful. Instead of following those multiple steps,
it would be great if there was a simpler way to accomplish this task.

I would appreciate it if you could add this option as soon as possible.

Thank you!

You can have multiple active sections via nested groups.

One active section plane inside the group and an active section plane outside the group give you two active section planes. You can theoretically keep nesting the group with as many active section planes as you want.

I know! That’s what the video shows!
I do not see why there cannot be an option to have multiple active section planes without grouping them. Many other programs allow this feature, and even Trimble Connect has it.

Also, The video has received 24,000 views which shows that lots of users were looking for a solution,
it might even be that they have found the process demonstrated in the video to be too complicated, which could be the reason why lots of them did not find it helpful!
(It only has 823 likes!)

Oh, ok. I was just responding to this statement. You mean “there’s no option to activate multiple section planes at once without grouping.”


  • Enable Multiple Active Section Cuts in SketchUp (Without Grouping)
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Y would also like to have jogged sections besides multiple sections without grouping.

I guess that seems like it would be a good idea. But I don’t believe it’s programmatically feasible (after reading a couple post by some of the experienced programmers).

It seems that you would need 7 Section Planes to achieve what it seems you are trying to do (cut above, below, foreground, background, left, right, and a 45 degree section). By toggling visibility (groups and/or tags) that number could be cut to 3 or even 1 section plane (the one at ~45 degrees).

But if user friendliness is the goal, dropping in multiple section planes without grouping does sound good.