How to section off a cube?

I am drawing a 1 floor house floorplan. I want to sometimes hide one of the corner rooms. Can I use section planes to do this? Or what other method should I use?


You could use section planes or you could give tags to groups and turn off their visibility. Exactly how you do it depends on how you’ve created your model and what it is you need to show exactly.

The room is not built with separate components, its walls are continuous with the rest of the house. I’ve done what I think you suggest in the past, to separate the room walls, tag them as something else and then hide/unhide those tags but I find that tedious.
I have only been able to get a section plane to cut through a model. How do I use a second section plane to cut off just one corner cube of my model? It seems I can only have one plane as the Active Cut at one time. (I’m using Sketchup Web, not sure if that matters).
Thanks, Peter

It is possible to have multiple active section cuts if you put one section inside a group or component.

As long as you are doing this as a hobby, it doesn’t matter.

Each level (say three levels like top level geometry // inside a group or component // inside a nested group or nested component etc.) can have multiple section planes. But in each level only one section plane per level can be active at a time.

This also applies to the web version.