My model has sectioned itself, and I'm lost on what to do

My model decided to only show it’s bottom half this morning. I did not use the section tool, unless there is a short cut command I am unaware of. Photo should be attached… Advice?

Looks like a section-cut, but just check that you haven’t switch off some layers…

If it is a section-cut, then the section-plane is set to be hidden.
Also check that the section-plane isn’t on an off layer.
To make section-cuts off use the Section Toolbar and use the 3rd button toggle.
The 2nd button toggles the section-plane’s visibility.
The 1st button lets you add a section-plane.

Thank you very much. it worked. I’m still confused on how the section even turned on in the first place.


Is it possible you downloaded something from the 3D Warehouse that has a section cut? If you have a component with a section cut in it and explode it, the section cut can affect everything else.

Here I’ve cut the cube component with a section cut. Since the section cut is inside the component wrapper, only the cube gets cut by it.

After exploding the cube component, the section cut now cuts both the cube and the cylinder.

Perhaps you made a change to the active style switching to one that has section cuts displayed.

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