2d Garden planting grid

Working in 2d trying to create a 2’ grid in an irregular garden shape. Grid will be used to place various plants in a garden. Once plants are located, I’ll hide the grid but want to keep it for plant adjustments. Originally I used standard guidelines, but ran into problems

Since I might want to adjust the boundaries of the irregular shape but not be impacted by changing other adjacent items, I made it a group. Then I made a copy of the group where I though I’d draw the grid and then overlay this grid group on the original shape. didn’t work. I’m probably making this way more complicated than necesary, but new to SU Pro.



Perhaps if you share the .skp file so we cansee the exact set up we can give you some guidance.

Thanks Dave,

I’m getting the current filed loaded this time. I’m trying to take the Phase I garden (group) and place the grid on that.

SJ XXIII rain garden - larg - phased.skp (5.7 MB)

First, it seems to me you would do better with a straight down view of the area instead of the oblique view you’ve got.

As for the grid you should be able to use the linear array function of Move/Copy to make the grid. I made a group of the horizontal edges and another group of the vertical ones to prevent them from intersecting. They could certainly be trimmed up shorter if wanted.

Wow Dave, You sure made quick work of that. I’ll give it a go. thank you

A few q’s. Since the Phase I section is a group, did you edit the group to put the grid in it? Or is the grid a separate group on top of the Phase I group? Or something else?



First, it seems to me you would do better with a straight down view of the area instead of the oblique view you’ve got. <

And… how did you change the view to be straight down like that? When I tried it my array fanned out across the space rather than staying parallel.


It’s actually two separate groups as I wrote. They are outside of the Phase I group because you said you wanted to be able to modify the shape of the planting without affect the grid.

I set the Camera to Parallel Projection and selected the Standard Top view. It’s straight down on the geometry but it doesn’t make a straight down view of the image bcause the image you used isn’t from straight above.

@DaveR’ solution is straightforward and uses only native tools.

Another option is to use the Grid plugin from Extension Warehouse. That would give you flexibility in future to recreate the grid with smaller or larger spacing, and also puts the grid into a separate group automatically.


Thanks Dave. Think I understand now.

That sounds great John. Appreciate the lead.