How can I add grids on the axes?

I need a .10, .10 m grid across the axes, but I see no grid option. I’m using Make 2017.

Why do you need a grid? You can draw one by making arrays of lines with Move copy.

I want to make everything inside the model multiples of .10, and I don’t want any approximates.

That’s easy enough without a grid but if you must, go ahead and draw the grid. then make a group or component of it so new stuff doesn’t stick to it.

So there is no option for a grid? That’s gonna take a while, but okay it is my only option.

you can add a grid using Sandbox Tools or there are grid extensions as well…


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It doesn’t take long to copy some lines.

Most users don’t ever need a grid. I’ve never found a need for one in nearly 15 years of using SketchUp. I think it would just get in the way.

There is a plugin that can make an array of guidelines available from Sketchucation.

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Here’s 100 cylinders accurately spaced precisely10 units apart made without using a grid. Only Move/Copy.

It would actually take longer to create a grid even with a plugin and then move copies to the intersections.

The problem for me is mostly creating lines, eventually an approximate always pops up. Especially when using the offset tool.

There’s at least one Parametric Grid plugin, from either or both of SketchUcation Plugin Store or the Extension Store. But as DaveR says, you can do pretty well without it.

Oops - just noticed the Category heading my.sketch up. Plugins don’t work in that.

Type your lengths, or set a Snap To length in Model Info/Units settings to avoid approximations.

You can always use Model Info - Units to set your snap to the value you need.

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