What about a grid?

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I have ordered a 3D printer and hope to use sketchup to create models. I’m just a hobbyist with medical issues that don’t let me get to far from the house. I have a question. Is there a way to display a grid as a reference when creating 3D drawings?

To my knowledge, a grid is something you can’t get with the free or web versions. You can get a grid in the pro versions using layout. There are extensions that are available in Pro, too. Extensions are not available in web based versions. To get around this in the web versions you can use guidelines, guide points, and regular lines. The guide lines get confusing if there are too many. Once you use them, it is best to delete them. Guide lines and points also confuse the select tool. Lines too, should be erased right after you are through with them. You can make small grids for using both for measuring and precision. Don’t forget the protractor tool.

I really think having a grid of some sort displayed while 3D modeling would just create confusion. That’s my thoughts anyway. My suggestion is to get very familiar with the existing tools. Suggest you “click” on the question mark in a circle at the right top of the forum screen. That will take you to the SketchUp help page. Then “click” on the learn button at the top right. It will take you to all types of information to help you on your SU journey.

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You can create a grid with edges, for example. Group it to avoid model geometry from interacting with it.

But, with SketchUp, you dont really need a grid since you can position any item exactly where you need it.

Why do you need a grid? You can create a grid like Jean said or with guides, there’s also the option to activate length snapping but I don’t recommend it cause it won’t let you create accurate models, it will snap to the closest length you’ve set.

Drawing a model that required a line every 16th inch along 8” . A grid would have made this so much easier than creating a reference with the tape measure every 1/16th inch.

Even easier would be to draw the first edge and then use Move/Copy to make a linear array of the edges with the 1/16 in. spacing. No need for a grid or for the Tape Measure tool.

What do you mean by drawing an “edge”?

Edges are what you called lines. Edge is the normal term for them in SketchUp.


Hey, you’ve uncovered a hot topic within SketchUp team conversations. I agree it would be nice to have a grid.

We have experimented with this concept, but in the meantime, you could use the length snapping option in Model Info. It effectively forces you to draw edges in specific increments. It’s usually on by default and set to 1/16". It might not look like it’s on because the VCB, where the real-time distance of your edge is displayed reports the distance in a simplified fractional format that displays both 1/16" and 1/8" as you move.

The setting looks like this on a Mac:

Follow up question: In addition to ensuring you that your drawing or model is created in increments of a specific unit, are there any other outcomes you’d expect? For instance, is it important to you that you always draw in the same plane?

Beware of potential problems caused by modelling with such small dimensions.

Perfect. Many Thanks