Making a grid ? easy way

Hi all
I need to draw a grid of 600mm x 600 for a 550 sq mtr ceiling - is there a quicker way than drawing the lines over and over again till its made?!
thanks Robert

You should be able to do 2 linear arrays to create it. Do you know how to use ctrl with the move tool to make copies?

Or using Extension:

More here

Dezmo! Grid tool extension ! I’ll try that ! cheers

oh that works ok too - I will do set of 600x600 and then just copy and connect them along

If you make one ‘tile’ as a component and then array them, any changes to one will be reflected in the others.

You can use the Sandbox tools as well.

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Except for the hidden diagonals.
But they can be selected separately to then delete them.

That, or use something like the free CleanUp extension or SelectToys to select those crossing lines.

I just create a square the size i desire, lets say 8.4m x 8.4m column spacing… make it a component, delete the internal face… create a grid tag “-GRID-8400”… choose a dashed linestyle… array the component to cover the area of interest in your model… pretty simple and flexible

All good answers but I’m curious whether the OP actually wants a grid of guides or a structural grid of edges.