Grid tool for su

Hi Guys,

In the new version I hope SU can improve new tool to make grid, it can creation grid system or grid line. Some features are below
1 The grid include x axis y axis with spacing input, z level.
2 The grid tool can coordination by project base point for large scale project.
3 Automatic make view by grid line
4 In the elevation view can see the z level
5 Grid can update when modify the information
6 Can make grid by line or curve or spline or any path.

Thank for reading my idea.

Do you know the sandbox tools? They are different to what you’re describing, but there is some overlap in what they both would do.

Watch the sandbox video:

Could some of your ideas be enhancements to the sandbox tools?

Sandbox tool use make terrain, my idea talk about grid or axis tool, bro

You’re right that sandbox is usually used for terrain, but it is still a system for making grids. What are the main things that your idea can do that sandbox tools couldn’t do?

As one example, you want different x spacing and y spacing, so that makes it be different.

Please see my video below for more my idea
Summary for normally SU can not make grid or axis it only draw line and add text it not link plan and section and detail.

Thank you for the video, that clearly shows how far you have taken your ideas.

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I think I saw a dialog box saying it’s Tekla Structures? Is that what you’re demonstrating? That’s a Trimble product, yes?

Tekla is product in Structural segment by Trimble Building

If you search the Extension Warehouse for “grid”, you will find a small range of extensions for drawing grids. See if any of those meet your needs.

One of those is specifically for architectural structural column grids exactly as the OP is looking for with the qualifications that it’s a paid extension and is PC only.

It does exist as dynamic component, made with guide lines and fully parametric.