New Work Plane Tool - Where is it on Sketchup Pro 2019

Brand new to Sketchup and trying to follow a tutorial on youtube but it is saying to open the New Work Plane tool in order to begin.

I don’t see that tool anywhere on Sketchup Pro 2019. Does it have a different name on this version? It makes the grid on the ground to line things up when building.

Could you provide a link to the tutorial?

That looks like it is old.
Go to the The learning Center to start this is up to date content by the SU Team.

Ok , I realize its 2014 tutorial but it looked easy enough to get my feet wet. I expected to find similar tools on the new versions. But I can’t find the grid tool anywhere…so I will try a diff tutorial to start…Thanks for trying to help.

It is called the “Grid Tool” developed by the SU Team. It is an extension.

You are in luck check out this reference:

There is no grid tool as a native thing in SketchUp and there never has been. I didn’t watch the entire tutorial. Gave up when he couldn’t show how to turn on toolbars for extensions.

You shouldn’t need a grid to work on and you would be wise to learn how to use SketchUp the way it was meant to be used. If you decide you just can’t live without a grid, there are several extensions you could use.