Merging a grid and a 2D shape

Hi there,

I need to be able to complete what should be a relatively simple process of adding a 2D shape to a grid, and then removing that same shape with the grid still indicated on its face. Ideally the grid should remain intact but this is not essential.

Currently I have the grid as a component such that when I move the shape onto the grid, the lines to not intersect one another and break up both the grid and the shape into smaller sections.

Please see images where I’ve tried to portray what it is I need to. The purpose of this is to show a tile layout on a balcony.

Grid (as component) and shape:

Shape moved onto grid to indicate tile spacings:

Shape removed from grid still indicating tile spacings:

Of course I realise that I could just draw the grid onto each shape individually, however the idea of this process is that it is scaleable and quick and easy to do. I’m somewhere between beginner and intermediate when it comes to SketchUp but I have used it quite a lot - I’m just reaching out to people more skilled than myself in the hope that they can see a very simple way to do this which I’m not aware of.

Thanks in advance.

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Suggested Tile Layouts.skp (181.6 KB)

If you give your grid some thickness you can use it to intersect. The intersect function doesn’t always work when it’s edges on faces, but if the face passes through another face it tends to work.


That’s fantastic, exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Thanks so much.

I was actually playing around with intersecting but as you rightly say I was having trouble, clearly due to the fact I was using edges rather than faces.

How did you extend/thicken the grid in the z-direction like that?

I used Extrude edges by vector, part of Tig’s Extrusion tools available from sketchucation.
But you could simply make one rectangle as a component and array it in grid form.


Pushline would also work for this.

You’re just trying to apply a grid to a 2D face, right? You could use the drape function from Sandbox tools with your grid -

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