Can not get 2d line drawing to intersect


Hi , I drew an arabesque pattern by drawing one quadrant turned into a component then copying and flipping till I had the shape. Now I need to get the four components to intersect some how so I may fill the area to then use the push pull tool.
Any help appreciated.


The very act of creating a Group, or a Component, isolates the original raw geometry into a new set, and it no longer intersects with other raw geometry in the same way that it used to.

Use the Explode tool to revert a Group, or Component, back to it’s raw geometry origins… and it will then interact as it did before.

But Having said this, you may not want to take this approach, since your groups/components may need to still be isolated from other raw geometry.

In this case, you need to setup a nested group so that any items you explode only interact with each other (those within the nested group), but not with all of the other raw geometry (should that happen to be present).


A screenshot would help.
If they are indeed components, you may only need to double click one to edit them all and add your face and push/pulling there.
But we are guessing.


Hi It’s a curvilinear simple drawing. I did explode back to fragments but how do I add the face?
Just doesn’t seem to want to fill in. Thanks again for the help


To repeat what @Box wrote: without at least a screenshot or, better, a model, we are only able to guess.

My guesses would be that either the shape has gaps somewhere so it does not close a face or else it is not planar, hence can not form a face.


Have you tried to redraw one of the edges of the missing face?


Hi. Thanks for the replies. Ive gone back and looked for holes and seems to be coplanar.
I uploaded the model to the wharehouse. It’s titled zagane. It just a line drawing.
Once again I am trying to close the line and put a face on it to give it depth with push pull tool.
User name was lost dawg in the wharehouse.
Thanks for any help that might get me going.


Seems to me you are just not seeing that it has a face because it’s white on a white background.
Double click to open the group for edit, then Push/pull.

Even in the warehouse link you can rotate it to see the back face.

BTW you can upload the file directly here when it is less than 3meg
Or paste the warehouse link like this.


Thanks box. For some reason my file will not show the face. But I downloaded it back from the wharehouse and it works. Go figure. Wonder why…


Perhaps you have your model set to Wireframe mode.
Go View/Face Style and select other than Wireframe.