24 hours of work lost online?!

I have auto save on but last Saturday Mar 6 it stopped saving at 16:14 (v307).

All work done that day Sunday and Monday day, has vanished.

v308 showing as Monday Mar 8 at 21:35Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem, will the missing backups magically appear after an update or something?

Only anomaly I can think of is that I was prompted to download a web app version of sketchup, but that sees that same cloud storage and uses the same backups. Yes, Uto save was still turned on.

There can be a conflict if you have multiple tabs open.
It doesn’t know which one, perhaps

Thank - that makes sense - a conflict warning would be handy in that case - the auto save pause and ‘saving’ sign was still happening so I assumed everything was good…