Hours of work lost with Sketchup Web even with autosave activated

I was trying Sketchup Online and my browser did close unexpectedly and when I reopened the browser, I lost several days of work (not just the last few hours)… How can this happen if I am using the automatic save each 5 minutes? So disappointing.

Update : After trying 3 differents browser and not finding the last version of my drawing, I used a different computer and my drawing was there once again BUT everything I did tonight was lost… At least is is now a few hours et not a few days. The autosave doesn’t seems to be that reliable.

Quite strange. I will save versions from now on.

Sounds like you need to clear browser caches.

Thanks. I did clearing the cache and boom… everything is back?

Hard to understand why different computers are showing my file from a different state. Are the autosaves done locally on the computer?

I will be careful with switching computer too often.

No. With the web version autosaves are done to cloud. Same as when you hit Save. Make sure you are purging unused components and materials regularly to keep your file size under control.

You can download the .skp file to your local computer if you want to keep a backup. And since you are using SketchUp as a hobbyist you could also use SketchUp 2017 Make which is not browser based.

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