24.0.484 bugs

I always set up the dimensions on the left and when you do that it not only locks up SU by freezes your machine entirely.

You mean like this?
Screenshot - 4_8_2024 , 11_50_26 AM
Is there anything else you need to do to make it lock things up? I’m not having any issues here.

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Every time I do that. from a fresh start, it freezes the moment I hit the Dimesions tab

What do you mean by “Dimensions tab”?

I meant to say Measurement tab in the tool bar menu. When

I try to enable it it freezes.

Ah … I selected Measurements in the Toolbars panel so I could move it to the left for my screenshot. So it locked up when you click the check box?

Did you install SU2024 correctly? That requires right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator. Close SketchUp, find the installer in the Downloads folder, right click on it, choose Run as administrator and then Repair. After it completes, do a power off reboot of your computer and see if that improves the problem.

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Interesting. I always install everything as admin. I just ran as admin and it didn’t freeze…
Once again you are correct.

Does that mean you ran the installer as Adiministraor as I directed? Or did you just start SketchUp as admin?

just ran it. haven’t reinstalled yet. will do that, just wanted to see . Seems weird it woudl lock entire machine down.

It does seem weird but an improper installation can create permissions issues. Installing with Run as administrator gets around those permissions issues.

doing that. Having to wait as a big model is being uploaded to Dropbox as I have terrible upload speed.

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Having ‘admin powers’ is not the same as ‘Run as administrator’…
Permissions can get screwed unexpectedly…