User Account Control/ SU2015Pro Help

Hi all, and thank you for this community.
Just bought SU2015Pro after many good years with SU. And Thanks!

Problem is: this keeps coming up
(kind of started after I made changes to styles, templates? dun-now …)
Not a big issue, but…every 2-5 min. Newer saw it before.
-Tried “yes” and “no”, and so on.

Still a newbie I guess :smile:
Hope you can help!

My settings:

Bye the way:
It’s interesting how the “rotated rectangle” acts like a group and don’t “integrate”
Well, you probably all already know :blush:

Try running SketchUp 2015 as an Administrator.

Right-click the SketchUp icon and choose “Run as administrator”.

If that works better, right-click the icon, choose “Properties”. Switch to the “Compatibility” panel, and check the “Run this program as an administrator” option under “Privilege Level”.

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Thanks a lot Dan,

Will try

Have you installed plugins?


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Not any plugins yet, Anssi. Thanks. Hope to get there soon :smiley:

“Run as admin.” works the difference, Dan! Can do anything now…
Moving on to “Properties”, and so on…

Thanks a lot guys!