2024 Extension - 3d Walls, Windows, Doors and Kitchen Cabinets

I just updated to 2024. Previously I used Dibac for 3d Walls. It looks like they are not compatible with the 24 version yet.

What are your favorite Extensions that work with 2024? I am looking for 3d Walls, Windows, Doors and Kitchen Cabinets.


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Dibac hasn’t been updated in a while, it used to be one of my favorite plug-ins but there are plug-ins that keep evolving while Dibac is stalled.

Having the same issue, Dibac was one of my fav plug in. Does anyone have a plug in for 2D walls, doors and windows? Thanks! C

Well, there’s FlexTools for design models and Medeek Wall for full construction models. Kind of depends on what you model and what end results you want. You can even use Profile Builder to make walls.

Ask for an update of Dibac. They are fixing the errors with SketchUp 2024

Try Cabmaker for kitchen cabinets, closets and.vanities.