Extension Similar to Dibac?

I’m using the trial of Dibac for Sketchup, watched the video tutorials, and having good luck with it except how it creates closets (wardrobes). Are their other extensions that work similar to Dibac to create interiors? I’m trying to build a reasonably accurate model of my home so I can visualize potential improvements and additions.

Instant Door & Window by Chuck Vali, on the Warehouse. I’ve had trouble with Dibac on Mac 2017 Pro but the Vali plug-ins work for me without a problem, so far. They’re by subscription, the Window & Door is $30 / year.

Check out PlusSpec Pro and PlusSpec Lite. Both license types are subscription plans, but they work like Netflix: No lock in contract, and cancel/renew at any time. The Lite version is very affordable, and sounds like it would be the best option for you.