Experience with Dibac extension?

It seems to take a me lot of time coordinating windows and doors in floor plan view with elevations. Is there a tutorial that might help?
Or, how about the Dibac extension? Wonder if other users have liked working with it. Does it seamlessly integrate with SketchUp. Appreciate hearing from folks that have used it.

Where is the time taken up? When the window is placed it should appear in both views at the right place. Are you drawing two different models–one for each view?

I usually model one of each type of window and make the different sizes for the project as I go from that, not worrying about the position too much but I set them on the walls at the proper height. So in creating the window size, it may not be exactly aligned in plan, but I can align it afterward either in 3d perspective or in a parallel projection plan view, using guides or a previously drawn plan layout.

Thanks. Did not make myself clear. I am working without Dibac and finding the window/ door coordination between views tedious.
Have you used it a lot, encountered any problems integrating it with the rest of sketchup?

I’m just talking about door and windows without Dibac. How do you start your plans. do you have a 2d plan drawn that shows window locations alread or are you working all in 3d? What I mean is “coordination” between views should be automatic once the object is placed. So I would need to know more about the process to make recommendations. I’m afraid I cannot think of a video offhand to look at though there are many out there, and that’s probably what you need.

I do 2D walls in a group first on its own layer. I shuffled things around into a workable floor plan, with windows and doors marked out. I like to have everything laid out, walls and penetrations, in whole or half inch dimensions just to keep the floor plan dimensions simple & make it easy on the builders.
Then I copy the exterior walls into another group on its own layer, “Ext Walls,” and this is what I extend into 3D for the elevation views. I tend not to take the interior walls into 3D because they just seem to clutter things up unless I need to do interior elevations
I do all the floor plan dimensions in layout with the 3D walls turned off because even in parallel projection the dimensioning is erratic.
So I find myself going back and forth between the 2D group and the 3D group if I make a change in windows or doors. Just takes extra time.
And thanks.

I see. I also like my windows and doors inside a wall group that is separate from other entities. I use 2d CAD a lot so your problem is actually a part of my practice as well. When I’ve changed a window position in 2d I snap the midpoint of a window unit in the wall and move it to be centered on the new position since I can see the window symbol in the 2d plan by the use of visible layers. Do you think you could work where the exterior walls in your floor plan were actually created by a section through the plan, showing all the windows. Thereby the plan and elevation window are the same. This is how I do some of my plans. Others do this exclusively. Sonder’s book describes a methodology in detail that may help you.

Some plugins like Dibac (I guess) and Medeek Wall, and Plusspec are indeed created to ease this relationship in construction drawings.

Do you make scenes in SketchUp, first?

Your profile indicates version 18.0 but there is an update 18.1

I think I get the section idea. Will have to check out Sonder’s book, about time. Maybe I can refine my method, but still curious about Dibac since it was mentioned in a tutorial about recommended extensions. Wonder if it integrates well with basic SketchUp functionality.

“Do you make scenes in SketchUp, first?”

No, I usually wait until things are worked up a bit or use them as temporary, “return-to-view” functions as things get more involved. Then I will adapt them to more formal scenes in preparation to moving to Layout.
I am using 18.1.1180. Ran into glitch trying to update to 19 that I need to work through with Trimble.