What are the best and newest extensions?



I’m looking for great extensions for SketchUp,
that make modelling en drawing a lot easier.

I like to create and design houses. Maybe some one of you could help me
with a extension that makes it a lot faster, easier and nicer to create houses and other buildings.


If you go to Sketchup Extension Warehouse, filter the list by category (Architecture). Here is a link where you can see plugins could be used for Architecture:

The most common three plugins (in my openion) used for Architecture are:
1- 1001bit Tools.
2- 2014 DIBAC for SketchUp
3- Architect Tools.




I will check them out as soon as I get the chance.



Vali Architects, love his scripts!


Check out “HouseBuilder” while you are at it.


Appreciating your really nice and useful post Mr. Chamberz.
The plugins are so practical in the field of Architecture, I advice architects to use them according to their needs.



Thanks for all the information, it has already been really useful!

A friend of mine also advised me to check out RubyWindow from RubySoft
(3D doors, windows and frames)

I did checked it and hereby I also advise it to you guys :wink:

See the extension warehouse or www.rubysoft.eu