2024 export animation bugs

Exporting animations in 2024 produces odd, wild results producing shadows that cover entire file, hidden object dashed lines that shouldn’t be there, mesh for objects with tags that have been turned off, etc. Same file opened in 2023 exports animations flawlessly. Bugs happen in 2024 regardless of which graphics engine is used, or what settings are used for animation output.

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Are these “shadows that cover the entire file” happening when the camera moves? I made an animation export from one of my models created in SU2023. No black frames but some weird stuff with edges and shadows. It happens with both the new graphics engine and the classic one.

Could either, or both of you, let me try your files? I’m not seeing any odd effects when exporting animation from 2024.

I’ll send you mine shortly.

I re-did an export in 24 of my desk, I’m not seeing shadows, but in some places I think I see the back faces bleeding, and some black elements even appear almost white.

I’m re exporting to try 2-3 parameters, I’ll package all that and add screens when it’s all done

edit : yeah, no, nevermind, it's not related, it's been noted before, using Metal, if you turn off the lines, the back face bleeds in a bit

with or without AO, AA0x or 4x, it’s just the back faces slightly bleeding.
changing the default material to black (back faces) makes the bleed less noticeable.

When making a video, it’s quite visible, since the holes in the router that should be black appear white.

Capture d’écran 2024-04-14 à 22.18.47

in the video as well, black back faces fixes it a bit.

I’ve included the images above to illustrate, but I’m not getting the same thing as Dave or Kvut.

I have logged a bug about this already. The problem doesn’t show on Intel or Apple Silicon Macs, but does show in Windows 10 or 11.

I did an 2024 animation export yesterday. It was behaving strange for me. It exported with different view style settings - it had the “view hidden object” mesh on and was not showing section fill for some reason.

Good to know the bug was logged

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Yes, interestingly the opening frame is fine. The unwanted shadows, hidden object mesh, and tags that are not on in the scene suddenly pop on in the animation just after the camera moves.

Trimble Connect file address: SketchUp

Attached is a still pic from the 2024 animation of that file. Find the scene called Exist3D in the Connect file to see what it should look like. I can upload the entire 20MB animation file if you’d like. Thanks for your help.

Sorry, deleted previous file. New Trimble Connect model address below.

Would it be possible to try the SKP?

Sure, Trimble Connect novice here, how the best way to do that?

You could file share the SKP from your computer. I’m sure there is a way to invite me to your Trimble Connect project, but there’s a risk of getting the converted file. Having the original SKP would let me see if you’re having the same issues Dave showed.

Wyall Conservatory 25.skp (4.6 MB)

Thanks, I’ll try some tests.

One thing that might help in your model to at least reduce this weird graphics thing is to move your model to the origin.

FWIW, it wouldn’t hurt to purge. I’m curious if you really need all the remaining styles, too.
Screenshot - 4_16_2024 , 11_26_35 AM

Here’s an example frame from the animation export, first on Mac then on Windows.

I am pretty sure it’s the same issue that shows in Dave’s example.

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Two very good points that that I used to consider and will again now that I know it will help clean up the model. I use the purge command in Layout often but have never really been clear on how to purge all unused entities/info from a SU file. Is there more than one menu from which you can purge in SU?

You can purge all unused stuff from the model via Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused. Or you can go through the individual inspector panels and purge individually. If you do that purge unused components before purging unused materials. I used Purge All by TIG and available from Sketchucation because it gives the report I showed.

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Interesting, so using MAC is not really an option for me. Will a fix be coming for Windows SU?