FIX IN PROGRESS? - SU 2024 Animation Export

definitely something really wrong.


about 4 hours ago

i’m experiencing a strange issue with the SU 2024 Pro export animation - exporting a jpg set. note - this is the first time i’m exporting since installing it 2 days ago.

firstly - the exported images are retaining color even though the style is without color and using hidden line (back line).

secondly - a group which is hidden in a given scene is showing up as the dot-line hidden view. even though in the scene it’s hidden.

definitely should not see the hidden object…

i have the test file & images zipped up just need a place to send them.

The 2 links above do not load. As far as the zip is concerned if it is less than 16MB drag it into the reply window. If larger upload it to DropBox or some other file-sharing point and provide a link to it in a forum post.

I expect it’s related to an already reported and confirmed bug that the team is working on.

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