2024 all working fine, nothing to see here, move along

Hmmmm… This feels like the most serious quirk I’ve encountered so far. Cannot make a component of any connected geometry. Make any shape, select only one face or several faces but not all of the shape, then make component. Crickets. No component, no change to hierarchy in Outliner. Anyone Confirm?


Is the Replace Selected box checked in the Create Component window?


Duh,I feel silly it appears it’s not, good call, but it automatically turns off for connected geometry? Is that new?

Check my gif. It’s in for the first component then off for the second. I’ll test some more when back at the desk.

But it should still make a component, just not in the model.
It works as expected in win.
GIF 5-04-2024 2-05-59 PM

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No, it’s been this way for a long time.