2023 saves file with permissions that prevent other users from opening

Sketchup 2023 saves files on a shared SAMBA network drive with file permission “—x–x–x”.

This way no other user can open the file. Please see screenshot of file permissions comparing save with 2022 and 2023 version from same user on same computer:

It’s considered bad practice to save or work directly to/from a network drive…
Best practice is to download to local harddrive, open in SketchUp, save to local harddrive and then upload or synchronize to the network drive.
You could try this and see if it solves your problem…

I expect file permissions are set by the user on the drive, not by SketchUp.

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It’s funny because 2022 saved with proper group/user/other rwx permissions but 2023 saved with “execute” only.

I have now reset inheritable permissions on folder and it seems it fixed the problem. I hope it will work in other folders also.

So not a SketchUp bug.

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Maybe you had already set the 2022 version so it save the way you want but not the 2023 version.

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No, not really… It’s something with folder permissions. I can’t pin it down exactly why this is happening though. I have NAS with SAMBA running and permissions differ from folder to folder based on who has the access. Like I said this only started happening when 2023 was installed on computers…

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