[BUG] Context menu "Save As..." removes file permissions

Hi guys, I’ve encountered this nasty bug that hindered our office for some time, still does and we couldn’t figure it out up until now…

With SU 2017, when we use the context menu “save as” sketchup saves the component into the specified folder as it should, however it removes the folder’s permissions from that component’s file. The result is that it cannot be found by the rest of the people in the network that has access to the folder and it’s files.

What is strange is that if I the open the component’s file and save it using “save” from the File menu, permissions are set back for the same permissions of the folder and the file can then be found by the people in the network.

Of course, If I use windows explorer to share that specific file, it works, but it’s really cumbersome to do that everytime we want to sync a zillion files with each other.

This happens exactly the same way for other workstations so it’s not a specific issue I’m having in my PC.

Please, I’d urge you to look into it as it’s limiting our work on complex stuff, when it requires collaboration.


We are using the context menu’s “save as” and “reload” command’s to share components of our project and collaborate on buildings but things were not working as they should

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I have input this into our bug system. Until fixed, I am curious to know if a file sync software might resolve the problem. There are ones used for local networks and then there are the cloud based sync programs like Trimble Connects and the various ones from Dropbox and the like.


Hi Chris,

Sorry for the late reply, but filesync doesn’t solve the issue. At least my solution.

It carries away files with their assigne permissions. We use filesync to share files on the network, rather than working on a server, because that way we don’t have increased saving times and we have permanent backups on all computers.

In our case what happens now is that we have to manually set permissions before sync. Otherwise I can send my files over with sync, but they are residing in other computers without their users being able to work with them. If the sync is performed by their computers the files are not being carried over.

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